Inspiring Elephant Community Fund

The Inspiring Elephant Community Fund will support the local community of Elephant and Castle for
the next five years through distributing £50,000 per year in grants to charities that support the
community in and around Elephant and Castle Town Centre, to deliver both short term projects and
ensure local groups can continue to provide longer term support for the community. The Elephant
and Castle Community Hub will be opening later this year and local organisations are encouraged to
deliver a variety of activities on site. Information on use of the hub will be available to all funded

The aim of the Fund is to deliver greater social value for local residents and for local people to be
engaged in the process. Therefore, as well as sharing the fund application details with key
stakeholders and partners, a panel of local community leaders which includes members of the
Community Hub and representatives from Get Living and Southwark Council will consider all

Available Funding

The total value of the Inspiring Elephant Community Fund is £50,000 per year.
Organisations can apply for a grant of up to £5,000 deliver community activities supporting local
residents to engage with their neighbours and build community connections, improve their health
and wellbeing or take part in arts and cultural activities.

Grants are available to support a variety of projects and activities taking place in and around the
Elephant & Castle Town Centre – within the Elephant & Castle Opportunity Area – under one of three
priority areas. It’s important to read through the guidelines fully to make sure you are selecting the
right theme, and there is a clear connection between the outcomes of your project and the theme
The three priorities are:
• Communities and People
• Health and Wellbeing
• Young People and Training

Applications should focus on one of these priority areas.

To be eligible to apply to the Community Fund organisations must meet the following points:
• Be a not-for-profit organisation that is formally constituted (have a signed governing
document in the organisation’s name). This includes unincorporated associations and
community groups, registered charities, social enterprises, schools, Community Interest
Companies (CIC), Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO), companies limited by
guarantee and faith groups where the project clearly does not promote a particular religious
or political view.
• Have good financial management procedures, including a record of income and expenditure.
Applications from organisations that have a financial deficit will not be considered.
• Have a bank account set up in the organisation’s name, with at least two unrelated cheque
• Be connected with and meeting the needs of the local community in and around Elephant &
Castle Town Centre – specifically the Elephant and Castle Opportunity Area
• Delivering activities that either take place within the Elephant & Castle Opportunity Area, or
activities that directly benefit people who live, work or study in the area (please see below
If you are an un-constituted voluntary group, or a group of local residents, you will need to identify a
constituted organisation to act as your accountable body or ‘parent organisation’. For example,
this could be a local charity, constituted TRA or housing association that is willing to accept any grant
money on your behalf. The application form must be completed by the un-constituted group and
you must have agreement from the parent organisation confirming they can support you. Please
contact Diana on if you would like some help
in establishing a ‘parent’ organisation to accept the funds on your behalf.

How to Apply
To apply for a grant of up to £5,000 please click here for the online application form.

What We Will Fund
You can apply for funding to cover project activities and staffing, running costs related to the
delivery of the project as well as the purchase of equipment you may need. All budgeted items must
relate directly to the delivery of the proposed project.
What We Won’t Fund
The Inspiring Elephant Community Fund will not fund:
• Grants to individuals
• Expenditure or activities that have already taken place
• Services which are a statutory responsibility (i.e. are the responsibility of the Council,
Government or Health Authorities)
• Religious or political activities (we are able to fund religious organisations if they are
providing benefits for the wider community)
• Projects that have no community or charitable element
• Projects that take place outside of the Elephant & Castle Town Centre area
• Activities that benefit individuals, rather than the wider community
• Foreign travel
Supporting Documents
To support your application, you must attach relevant documents to your online application.
Alternatively, you can also send these documents by email to
Please ensure you have the following documents ready to attach to your online application:
• Constitution or articles of association
• Annual accounts or a record of income and expenditure for the organisation
• One bank statement dated within the last 3 months that shows the account name, sort code
and account number
• Safeguarding Policy
• Equality & Diversity Policy*
* Get Living is committed to equality and diversity for all, and we expect groups and organisations
applying for grants to show that they are aware of equality and diversity and can demonstrate
commitment to them. Accordingly, organisations applying for grants are required to submit their
Equality and Diversity policy with their application.

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