Re-Tribe Workshop

This online series of self-care workshops will offer a space for people to come together and connect with themselves and others in a way that can provide calm and courage.

If you just want to check in, chat with someone, or participate in the exercises / activities available such as guided meditation, breathwork and grounding techniques, feel free to join us for our weekly online sessions.

Tuesday 25th August at 2pm: Re-Tribe Talks with¬† Jamie Lee Simpson, KODOBI’s director.
He has worked in Health and Safety for approx. 15 years. He now operates an organisation named KODOBI. Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Consultancy. They assist commercial businesses with H&S legal compliance, supports businesses with Return to Business COVID19 Risk Assessments, and devising clear employee communication packages in an attempt to relieve any anxiety or worry, in regards to returning back to the workplace.

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Thursday 27th August at 2pm: Re-Tribe will be Exploring the edges: Knowing ourselves through boundary creation and expansion  Please come just as you are!

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