Re-Tribe Workshop

This online series of self-care workshops will offer a space for people to come together and connect with themselves and others in a way that can provide calm and courage.

If you just want to check in, chat with someone, or participate in the exercises / activities available such as guided meditation, breathwork and grounding techniques, feel free to join us for our weekly online sessions.

Tuesday 29th June at 2pm: Re-Tribe Talks with Carolyn Zimba. “Having been fascinated with movement from a young age, Carolyn uses a combination of modalities including personal training, yoga poses, massage, soft tissue work, the Alexander Technique and Triune alignment to rapidly catalyse reconnection with the body. Having spent 18 years working at a desk, Carolyn understands what it feels to be unplugged and going through the motions of surviving and existing.

You don’t realise how fatigued you are until you hit burnout, you don’t realise how sick you are until you find out you have a chronic condition that few understand.

Carolyn re-introduces people to their body and teaches them how to listen to what it’s telling them. She will hone in on the issues preventing optimal functioning on multiple levels. Together with Carolyn you work the trauma out of your body through targeted movement so you can move through life with ease.”

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Thursday 02nd July at 2pm: Re-Tribe will be  Widening Our Circle of Care and come together to reflect on the happenings of June and set intentions and hopes for July.  Please come just as you are!

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