Silverfit Exercise Classes

  • Silverfit is running virtual classes every week, including Cheerleading, Pilates, Core & Balance exercises, Zumba, Indoor Nordic Walking and Qi Gong.

Silverfit Cheerleading

Learn fun zumba pom pom dance routines from Marvin Gaye and The Supremes, through to Queen and Abba.

Cheerleading home workout part 1

Cheerleading home workout part 2

Cheerleading home workout Elvis Jailhouse Rock routine

Cheerleading home workout Disco Inferno routine

Cheerleading home workout I will survive routine

Cheerleading home workout I will survive part 2 routine

Cheerleading home workout Livin’ La Vida Loca routine

Cheerleading home workout Summer of 69 routine

Cheerleading home workout Baby Love routine video

Cheerleading home workout Waterloo routing video

Cheerleading home workout signed, sealed, delivered routine video

Cheerleading with Bianca- Don’t Stop Me Now routine pt1

Cheerleading with Bianca-Don’t Stop Me Now routing pt2.

Silverfit Core & Balance class

A range of balancing exercises to work your core muscles, lower back, and legs. Improving your core strength improves your stamina, stability, coordination, posture, and protects you from injury.

Core & Balance class video 1

Core & Balance class video 2

Core & Balance class video 3

Core & Balance class video 4

Core & Balance class video 5

Fitness with Emily for back and joints video 

Fitness with Emily to promote body symmetry and balance video

Fitness with Emily, coordination, balance and reflex

Fitness with Emily, mobilisation and cardio exercises

Fitness with Emily-Wall strength class video

Fitness with Emily-Useful Upper Body strength exercises

Fitness with Emily full body workout

Fitness with Kristin class video

Fitness with Kristin-seated workout class video

Fitness with Kristin-seated workout 2 class video

Fitness with Kristin-Lower body strengthening class video

Fitness with Petrica-Lower body workout video

Fitness with Petrica session 6 class video

Fitness with Petrica session 7 class video

Fitness with Petrica session 8 class video

Fitness with Petrica session 9 class video

Fitness with Petrica session 10 class video

Fitness with Petrica Legs, Bum & Tums class video

Fitness with Petrica- 5 Essential Exercises for Seniors

Fitness with Oggie-Mobility stretching and resistance

Fitness with Oggie-Core Workout class video

Fitness with Oggie-Balance Exercises class video


Silverfit Pilates & Yoga

Pull out your gym mat and get ready to do a series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core. Pilates workout will boost your flexibility and joint mobility.

Pilates class video 1

Pilates class video 2

Pilates class video 3

Pilates class video 4

Pilates class video 5

Pilates class video 6

Pilates class video 7

Pilates class video 8

Pilates class video 9

Pilates class video 10

Pilates class video 11

Pilates class video 12

Pilates class video 13

Pilates class video 14

Pilates class video 15

Yoga class video 1

Yoga class video 2

Yoga with Chris class video 1

Yoga with Chris class video 2

Silverfit Qi Gong

Qi gong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.

Qi Gong class video 1

Qi Gong class video 2

Seated Qi Gong with James video 1

Tai Chi class with Michael video 1

Tai Chi class with James  video 1

Tai Chi class with James video 2

Tai Chi class with James video 3

Tai Chi with James-Yang Style Short Form 24 Steps video

Tai Chi with a Fan video 1

Silverfit Zumba and Dance

Follow along to 4 songs chosen by Zsofia to accompany the cha cha, jive and tango along with a warm-up, breathing and stretching exercises. Each routine includes an explanation of steps beforehand.

Zumba class video 1

Zumba class video 2 

Zumba class video 3

Zumba class video 4

Dance class video 1

Tango class video 1

Tango class video 2

Tango class video 3

Tango class video 4

Tango class video 5

Tango class video 6

Tango class video 7

Tango class video 8

Tango class video 9

Tango class video 10

Tango class video 11

Indoor Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is one of our most popular activities, enjoyed by many of our Silverfitters across London. In this video Carolyn has put together a 20 min routine to find a way we can exercise indoors, mimicking the benefits of Nordic Walking and preserving the strength our Nordic Walkers have built. This can be done with or without Nordic Walking poles.

Indoor Nordic Walking class video 1

Indoor Nordic Walking class video 2

Bollywood Dance

This dance is a mixture of numerous styles. Belly-dancing, Kathak (a classical Indian dance), Indian folk, Western dance and jazz are only some of the styles that it includes.

Bollywood dance class video 1

Bollywood dance class video 2

Bollywood dance class video 3

Bollywood dance class video 4

Walking Football

Walking football help to improve your balance, eye coordination, mental and physical health.

Walking football video 1

Walking football video 2


Meditation with Emma Grace






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