Upside Down Street Dance Classes

UPSIDE DOWN KIDS DANCE FREE sessions are for kids aged 7-18 years old at the beginner level.

Our weekly class will teach your children Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, House and breakdance routines.

Upside Down Dance Academy offers the opportunity to all children (from 7 years old) and young people of all levels to access Hip Hop dance education as well as exploring other cultural street dance styles taught by the best teachers in the UK and finest dancers and choreographers worldwide.

Upside Down Dance Academy offers a range of activity to support Kids and Teens development by:

• Building confidence
• Nurturing Personal, social and emotional development
• Inspiring creativity
• Supporting physical development
• Encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle
• Empowering talent
• Developing passion, aspiration, and vocations

Days and times:  Tuesdays at 5.30-7.30pm 

Venue: Newington Hall,TRA, 77 Canterbury Place, SE17 3AD


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